What is amnimo?

what is amnimo

Measuring at the workplace. Connecting to the cloud. Putting data to work.
amnimo is a provider of vital services for the industrial Internet of Things (Industrial IoT = IIoT). By implementing services from amnimo, customers, in a wide range of industrial domains, can create IIoT configurations to suit their needs, simply and effectively. In this way they turn knowledge and ideas obtained from IIoT into new businesses. amnimo supports customers’ business innovation.

amnimo: Introduction to Our Services

  • Measurement as a Service from amnimo

    amnimo provides the communication devices, communication networks and basic cloud devices by which data are measured, connected and used as Measurement as a Service (MaaS), an easy-to-use service that requires no complicated system configuration.

  • Characteristics of amnimo


    Devices can be registered simply by reading a QR code.

    • Customers use their smartphones to take pictures of the QR codes of each device.
    • All settings for communication circuits, the IIoT cloud, etc. are completed automatically.
    • Sensor devices from other companies can also be incorporated.


    Communication circuits are encrypted to ensure data security.

    • All communication circuits are encrypted to secure data authenticity.
    • All operations between sensors and the cloud are monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
    • The cloud edge is securely protected by a firewall and IDS *.


    Services can be added through our EC site, so you can start using them immediately.

    • Basic services can be added easily from our EC site.
    • amnimo supports configuration at reasonable prices. No specialist knowledge is required.
    • Services can be used in units of as little as one month, so you can apply rapid “fail fast” judgment (withdrawing rapidly if the service is not suitable).

    ※ Intrusion Detection System. This system monitors computer networks to detect and alert users of any unauthorized access.

  • What's the best way to get started with IoT?
    We want to use IIoT to improve our productivity and solve manpower shortages. But we lack the necessary specialized expertise and don't know where to start.
    Even if we knew what we wanted to do, the hardware purchases, system configuration and so on are prohibitively expensive. Our senior executives would have to sign off on it.
    We don't have the flexibility to do all the work quickly or within a specified period. The risk of failure is also a concern. So we're hesitating.

    If these worries sound like yours, amnimo has a solution for you.

    • With amnimo, anybody can easily start using IIoT.
    • With a subscription *, you pay a fixed monthly fee. Expenses are handled with a low monthly amount, so obtaining approval is easy.
    • Subscriptions with short-term contracts are also available.

    *Payment method varies by service and period of use.

    Please contact us(Free of charge)

    *If you have already registered as a member, you can begin the subscription process here.

We're seeking partners!

amnimo is looking for partners who can develop innovative products and services that utilize the amnimo suite of services.

We provide our partners with technical and marketing support. We also provide an e-commerce environment (website) through which you can sell the applications you develop.

Four partner categories

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    Sales partners
    Sales partners are companies that promote sales of amnimo products and services to their own customers. End users can subscribe to services via the amnimo e-commerce website.
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    Business development partners
    In addition to promoting sales, business development partners collaborate with amnimo to open new markets and otherwise develop business.
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    Co-creative partners
    In addition to promoting sales, co-creative partners join amnimo in developing businesses and applications.
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    Independent partners
    These partners independently develop and promote sales of services and applications.

For consultation on development of IoT businesses, please contact us here (free of charge)